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Fresh Organic Vegetables

Downtown Sanger Farmers' Market

Did you know Sanger has a Farmers Market?  This market was inspired by many hardworking and passionate individuals who spend countless hours in tractors, staying up into the night and in freezing temperatures to feed and care for their animals. Who fight the rise in costs of fertilizer for their plants, feed for their cattle, and fuel for the vehicles that make their operations successful. This market was inspired by the people who will stand in the cold and rain to support their families and keep the food on the table no matter the circumstances.

See below for the 2023 weekend schedule:

August 19th (August is Saturday only) 

September 2 & 3 

September 16 & 17th

October 7 & 8 

October 21 & 22 

November 4 & 5th 

November 18th and 19th 

December 2 & 3rd 

December 16 & 17th 

Visit their website or social channels for more information:

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  • Facebook
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